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QCS603 Enterprise IPC

The Qualcomm® QCS603-based enterprise IPC reference design by Altek, a leading ODM for IP cameras, is available now.

  • Powered by the Qualcomm® QCS603 SoC (System on Chip) also known as the Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform, the QCS603 enterprise IPC produced by Altek Corporation is the perfect reference design for the IoT camera.
  • Coupling Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence Engine with Altek Corporation’s industry expertise in camera and imaging , you are guaranteed to have the best in class visual quality for your product. This design will ensure that your product will be both competitive, and compelling for all your edge computing needs.
  • With Linux running natively and industry design best practices already applied, you will be able to create your own cost effective product while securing your time to market needs.



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A Qualcomm® QCS605-based VR360 camera reference design from Altek, a leading original design manufacturer for cameras, is available now. 

Based on the Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform, the QCS605 SoC features a 64-bit octa-core low-power ARM based CPU, and a powerful GPU and DSP for heterogeneous computing, introduced in 2018 for the intelligent edge market. The VR360 camera features Qualcomm’s first family of system-on-chips (SoCs) built specifically for IoT in an advanced 10-nanometer process and is engineered to support exceptional power and thermal efficiency. It also benefits from the integrated Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine to accelerate on-device AI, which includes the Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK to help developers and OEMs/ODMs port trained networks into the platform providing customers the ability to take advantage of the superior AI performance designed into this solution. The new platform demonstrates Qualcomm's commitment to IoT, the confidence in providing a solution that is intended to serve as a launch pad for OEMs/ODMs, and the need for more capable hardware and software to support this growing industry. All of which are designed explicitly for next-generation IoT devices. There’s a lot of innovation taking place, and we are ready to be amazed with what our customers can do with this platform. What will you make with it?



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