IPC603 Open Development Kit

Product Code: IPC 603 Open Dev Kit
Product Dimension:
22cm x 9cm x 9cm

This product is not available, please contact us to inquire about similar product availability.


The Qualcomm® QCS603-based IPC603 open development kit by Altek.

  • Powered by the Qualcomm® QCS603 SoC (System on Chip) also known as the Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform, the IPC603 open development kit is the perfect follow-on to the IPC603 for the development community.
  • Where the original IPC603 was intended to be a turnkey solution, the IPC603 open development kit offers more flexibility to developers to debug and customize their designs.
  • Combining the Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence Engine with Altek’s industry expertise in imaging products, you are guaranteed the best-in-class product for your edge computing needs.



  • SOC : Qualcomm® QCS603/PME605/PM8005L 



  • Image sensor : IMX334
  • Lens : FOV: 110-170, IR cut filter w IR 4 LEDs, FF, Large pixel/aperture or low light, lens mount C-mount

Memory (discrete)

  • LPDDR4 2GB(Micron), if supported by SW
  • eMMC 4GB


  • SSC:  ALS N/A



  • WiFi WCN3980 – 802.11 n/ac, 1x1
  • Bluetooth 5.x
  • Ethernet: Integrated POE/RJ45 1000M (over USB type C)


  • USB(Client/Host): Type C (Development only)
  • Storage: SD Card
  • Alarm I/O : 2/1
  • Antenna : WiFi/BT
  • Debug : ADB using USB-C switch, Debug Port/JTAG/UART


  • Interface POE/DC12V


  • Video Out Micro/Mini HDMI/VGA (DSI-HDMI bridge/VGA)


  • WCD9341 (Line-in/Line-out Reserve 2 pcs 4 pins connectors for DMIC x4)
  • WSA8810 for speaker

LED Indicators

  • Power LED for PWR on/off/IR
  • Ethernet (Link/Act)
















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    v0.4940 - Current version

    Release Note:
    1. OOBE enhancement
    2. Performance enhancement
    3. Stability enhancement


    Github Community for Vision-AI-DevKit:



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